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About our Group
Brand focused distributor of portable customer electronics. We analyze, prepare and bring new products to the Russian and EAC markets since 2014. Our mission is to care for and develop a brands together. Our clients are well-known manufacturers of action cameras, DVRs, headphones and audio devices.
We create an optimal development strategy and take over brand promotion and distribution. This increases your sales, and lets us to earn money by distributing your products. An honest business where both sides are useful to each other.
This is the main part of our services. If you did not find what you wanted in the list, please write to us, we will be happy to help.
Evaluation of the product's prospects. Search for product advantages, develop a promotion strategy.
Marketing & pr
Powerful promotion of product. Works with opinions, Influencers, reviews and all the things that will help improve sales. We are directly interested in this.
CUSTOMER service
A good consultation or polite reception of a complaint increases brand loyalty and strength - we know this very well, because we do it every day.
SALES and distribution
We cooperate with the largest marketplaces and major offline chain stores. Use official online monobrand sites for directrly B2C and B2B sales and excellent customer experience.
Web development and content creation. Photo, video and other marketing content. SMM and SEO. We create content that helps promote product around the world at a good price.
We collaborate with opinion leaders, influence the user experience, and create an overall impression of the product or brand. Highlighting your strengths.
We love our partners
They help us increase our sales.
Market leaders.
Our experience and love for what we do give good results, allowing you to focus on production and R&D.
Vsevolod Shabalin
Dmitry Kutugin
CEO & Co-Founder
Vadim Pogorsky
Account Manager
Evgenia Denisova
Feel free to write and call us.
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